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Optimised Performing Elementor. web squadron

Optimised Performing Elementor Websites for your Business. web squadron

Maximise design experiences and make your website simple.

Supercharge Ideas into Bone-Crushing Businesses, and make a difference with your hobby, your skills and what you love.

You know when a website rocks your senses – right?

Awesome, visually stunning, and doesn’t mess around with jargon and content that makes no sense.

Quite simply – it works!

SUPER-AMPLIFY your website!

Remember when you asked a friend to design your site, and pretty soon you noticed it becoming clunky and looking out-dated? Excellent – you just motivated visitors to ping off elsewhere.

We’ll give you the tools to convert with client-busting magnets  and teach you how to build with the AMAZING Page Builder – ELEMENTOR!

Optimised Performing Elementor

“Had a great memorable experience. He was excellent in understanding requirements and built it in only two days. Brilliant!!”


Optimised Performing Elementor

“They were exceptional in offering a first class, professional website service. Superb, answered all my questions around my niche.”


Optimised Performing Elementor Websites for your Business
Optimised Performing Elementor Websites for your Business

We develop exciting funnels that convert and increase sales for businesses, as well as keeping visitors curious. At every stage, Web Squadron will optimise and help to pick the best content.

No way will we leave SEO or your Google Core Web Vitals as an afterthought. We continuously teach others how to implement increased Page Speed Scores Performance.

Let’s crack the website’s message, the font pairings, the colour palette, the Call-To-Actions, the images, the logo, the brand, and most definitely – let’s make you feel empowered and excited!

Bin the Jargon – Win the Web!


And if you want to do it yourself?

plan it - build it - launch it

Save time and get the basics done quicker than you think. We’ll show what you want to achieve, how to get it out there, and what you have to offer.

Our One-Afternoon Blueprint doesn’t guarantee everlasting life, but it’ll sure as heck make sense when the pieces line up and you’re in control.

Imran Siddiq is your guide.

“For 15+ years, I’ve designed hundreds of websites, but none can beat Elementor. We’re rocking out adrenaline-pumping sites, and we’ll help you to master it!”

Grab attention and grow your audience.

Here come the Freebies!

Optimised Performing Elementor
Optimised Performing Elementor
Optimised Performing Elementor

Surely you want some uber tips?


The Free 5 Day Challenge reveals how aspiring web designers can start to develop their web design skills by planning a homepage design with peak SEO using the Elementor Page Builder

Optimised Performing Elementor
“Working with Imran has been an absolute pleasure. very helpful in explaining even the simplest of things. Can’t thank him enough.”

Optimised Performing Elementor

Martin invested in a complete site makeover, after regaining control of his domain from a previous bad design. Imran took his site to the next level with enhanced SEO and performance.


Optimised Performing Elementor

Vegan Chocolate wanted a mouth-watering site to entice visitors from South Africa! A fantastic site was created that captured the message and range of products.