About Us

In short, we’re Mark Newman and Imran Siddiq, just two average guys from the UK who have spent decades working in the corporate technology and analytics sectors.

You would be right to assume we are a bit geeky (aren’t all people who work in technology?) but we love what we do. We have switched from serving large businesses to helping those that really need it and where we feel we can make a difference. We share a passion for utilising technology to develop and improve businesses.

Imran Siddiq

The Creative One

With his brain rooted in the digital world, he loves to bring creativity to the websites, and innovative ways of presenting ideas.

An adoptive father of one, a published author, and loves gardening (except mowing). Imran’s on his walking treadmill whilst working and has a love/hate relationship with carbohydrates. Talk about Sci-Fi and he’s your friend for life (or in this universe anyway).

Mark Newman

The Process-Driven One

Self-taught website designer from Lincoln, UK. Previously worked in a number of technology and analytics roles across a number of sectors.

When not working, his wife and four children keep Mark on his toes. He loves fitness and works out most mornings and can be found most evenings watching a movie or curled up on the sofa watching boxsets. Struggling with marketing; then he’s your guy!

We feel that our skills complement each other perfectly to offer a powerful combination of technical knowledge and creativity underpinned by robust processes and analytics.

We provide premium quality services to all of our customers and we are not cheap but if you want to be sure that you are in the hands of experts and really want your business to fly then we can help you.