How to Get High-Ticket Clients from LinkedIn


Boost your profile, connect and network, and grab interest from clients ready to work with you.

“65% of our clients come from LinkedIn without us contacting them first!”

And when you consider that they will have colleagues, friends and connections, then the opportunities for word of mouth to expand just keep on coming.

LinkedIn is the place to be.

Many professionals struggle to acquire new clients on LinkedIn due to various challenges such as poor bios, content, and selling rather than engaging.

I’m going to show you how to establish authority within your industry so that the businesses think of you when they need a solution.

They contact and send us DMs!

The How to Get High-Ticket Clients from LinkedIn Webinar

Tuesday – 11th April 2023

4:00pm BST / 3:00pm UTC

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  • You won’t need to sit through 5 days of watching me dance with my fingers.
  • 1 hour of real and simple strategies.
  • Put into action for just 20 minutes a day.
  • Unleash your full potential on LinkedIn and establish yourself as the industry expert everyone turns to.
  • Easily identify and connect with high-quality leads and watch as the floodgates of inquiries from eager clients open up.
  • Create captivating content that attracts your ideal clients on LinkedIn, even if you’re a beginner, using my highly effective techniques.
  • This webinar is EXCLUSIVE for attendees.

Who am I?

I’m Imran Siddiq, Director at Web Squadron Web Design Agency and seriously passionate about helping businesses to succeed.

With 19+ years experience, I have lots of tips to help your passion and more importantly – YOU – to grow and to enjoy doing it!


How to Get Clients is a huge topic. We'd all love to find website clients and get leads. Our Mastery Module will help Web Designers with the same methods we use.