5 Day Challenge

5 Day Challenge reveals how aspiring web designers can attract more clients by following my step by step approach to building market leading websites that convert.

Join the FREE Build Market Leading Websites Launch Pad Challenge and start to improve your website design skills, resolve your website performance and search engine optimisation issues, and increase conversions.



• You will discover how we approach and structure our websites to achieve peak performance and increase conversions in a number of simple steps.

• I will share the process we use to get into the mind of the client and how we use this to inform our website planning; this will lead to a new approach to your website content and design.

• I reveal how we utilise customer branding to inform font selection, colours schemes and website imagery.

• You will be given exclusive access to our Private Challenge Members-Only Facebook group, along with everyone else taking part in the challenge.

• Every day I will share one action item in the group for you to complete and post in the comments how you got on.

• Each task can be done in just 30 minutes and I will be on hand as well as my support team to answer any questions you have. You will also get to meet some like-minded web designer folks.

Hosted by:

Imran Siddiq
The Creative Commander
Founder of Web Squadron

It’s awesome to ‘meet’ you. Over the last couple of years I have helped hundreds of frustrated web designers learn and develop new web design skills and learn how to build market leading websites that convert.

Think this is not for you?

Maybe you are not sure why your websites are not converting?

Maybe you are just looking to improve your web design skills?

Perhaps you don’t understand why you are struggling for new clients? 

Then this challenge is a great starting point to challenge your misconceptions and understand the principles and methods that I teach. 

It’s my 5 day Build Market Leading Websites Launch Pad Challenge running across Monday to Friday (November 29th – December 3rd) where you will all be doing it live together. 

Plus, I will be in the group every day to help you all along the way and to ensure you get the most from taking part.

What’s stopping you from taking part (it’s FREE) and developing your website design skills? 

This challenge is all about implementation and engagement in the private group – so we all get the maximum benefit from it. I don’t know everything and I am keen that we all learn from each other as the challenge progresses. 

I will be giving it 100% and I expect you to do the same in return. So, we will be rewarding the most engaged and removing the least… are you up for the challenge? 

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