Sharing our Stash


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Sharing our Stash

Get the documents that we use in editable format for you to refine and make your own.

Purchases from North America and the Oceania Continent will adjust to £17 at the Checkout.

  • Web Proposal (contains Aims, Solutions, Pricing Breakdown)


  • Web Design Contract (contains timelines, delivery of payments)


  • Terms and Conditions


  • Privacy Policy


  • Cookies Policy


  • Website Content Requests (how to request the format and delivery method of content)


  • Care Packages (breakdown of what we offer)


  • Care Package Agreement (contract for Care Packages)


  • WooCommerce Preparation Questions (don’t assume that all websites are the same.)


  • Information Gathering Homework (19 pages of things to research and consider)


After purchasing and setting up an account, then return to the Mastery Modules page, and access the page.