Website Client Prices Survey 2023

Here we go for the results to the website client prices survey 2023.

There’s a whole lot of debate about the range of prices charged for website builds around the world. So we ran a survey to collate price ranges based on how the client was sourced:

  • Fiverr/Upwork or similar lead sites
  • Cold Emailing or Cold Calling
  • Word of Mouth Referrals
  • From Social Media Posting
  • From Sponsored Adverts
  • Sub-Contracted via a Web Design Agency

We had 131 entries – and although we’d have wanted more, it’s a decent summary of prices around the world.

  • All prices are shown in USD $ as Averages of actuals.
  • No Outliers have been removed, or any very low or very high values to maintain the dataset.
  • Benchmarked Rates (BM) are shown per $1000 of the Country’s Capita for standardisation.(

Click on any country, or multiple countries with CTRL or CMD to modify the results shown on the right. Clicking on columns will allow you to sort accordingly.

The Website Client Prices Survey 2023 was built for you by Web Squadron with Google Data Studio.

Clamp() Calculation Generator

Clamp() Calculation Generator

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